What is Bitcoin Slots?


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The Slot is a type of betting game that allows bettors to wager on elements such as reels that spin when the switch is pressed. Icons randomly appear after bettors have selected their bet and spin the wheel. If the selected bet matches the icon, you’ll be awarded winnings depending on the icon it fell on.
Bitcoin slots are betting sites/platforms that allow bettors to stake and win Bitcoin. Some online casino platforms accept Bitcoin only as their digital currency due to its popularity, and there are some platforms where other cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment methods.
In this article, we describe the standards we used to evaluate the slot’s websites, and how to start betting. We’ve also mentioned the pros and cons of online BTC slots, popular slots to look out for as well as answers to some FAQs that surround it. So let’s get started.

How do we rate online Slot sites?

With several online slots available, bettors might find it difficult and time-consuming to research the qualities to consider when choosing online slot sites. The qualities to consider when rating online slot sites are shortlisted below:

Security and Licensing

Casinos should be able to provide upon request their official license signed by regulating bodies. Bettors should confirm if their chosen online slot possesses an official gambling license before any form of transaction. This certifies that they have been vetted and run a legal company.

Secure and Reliable Banking Methods

There should be safe deposit and withdrawal methods that ensure the safety of user’s personal information and their transaction details. Bettors are urged to go for online sites that provide top security to their funds and personal information.

Game selection

A major criterion to consider when choosing an online betting slot is the variety of games the betting platform offers. This would give gamblers the opportunity to stake on more than one event. Bettors should have knowledge of the types of games they want to stake in while they search for Bitcoin betting slots.

Customer Support

One of the crucial factors that many bettors chose to neglect before using an online slot is the betting site’s Customer support service. An excellent customer service team is indispensable. A good online slot should have customer service that is at one’s hand anytime they are needed, however, you may not need them often.

Website Design

Another important feature that bettors must put into consideration is the website’s graphic designs. Gamblers should compare different slot sites’ platforms and go for the one that suits their taste the most. Bettors tend to use slots with well-designed interfaces more often than slot sites with mid-designs.

Bonuses and Promotions

Welcome bonuses entice most slot players. This is often like a certain amount that is added to users’ deposits. Apart from welcome bonuses, users should also research whether they offer other types of bonuses to customers such as reload bonuses, cash back, free spins and others.
Users should ensure they read through and understand the terms and conditions before claiming any bonus.

How to start playing Slots

Slots machines are designed in such a way that is easy and fun to operate. Below is the step guide to follow on how to play slots on the betting site.

Find a crypto casino site

Bettors should surf several betting websites to see what games, promos, and bonuses each site offers. It is essential that punters should check if the betting site has an authorized gambling license. Wagers should select a crypto exchange and purchase the needed coins to play on the chosen platform.

Create a Sportsbook account

After concluding on your desired betting site that allows bitcoin, you have to set up a sportsbook account. Some sportsbook examples are Intertops, Cloudbet, MyBookie, Sportsbetting, and others. The procedures to set up your account are pretty simple regardless of the different ways of setting up an account

Setup a crypto wallet

Sequel to creating a Sportsbook account, users would need to create a wallet to keep their Bitcoin. This does not require users to share personal information. A private key would be generated which serves as a password to the wallet. Ensure you keep the private key safe and do not disclose it to anybody.

Deposit to your funds

Login to your sportsbook account and select your desired deposit method. Select Bitcoin and the quantity you want to deposit. Copy the unique address generated when setting up your account, and send funds from your sportsbook account through your unique address.

Withdraw your Winnings

Bettors are eligible to withdraw their money after they play and win a bet. Withdrawal methods from online slots differ slightly. Some casinos payout in cryptocurrencies, mostly Bitcoin and Ethereum, while some payout in checks, credit cards, and wire transfers. Users should select one of the payout methods that suit their fancy the most.

Most popular slot types

Slot Machines are arguably more well-known than other casino games. The following thing users would like to know is to be familiar with the different types of online slots. This will enable the user to decide on which of the slots to opt-in for according to their finances, desires, and choices. The different types of online slots are discussed below.

Classic slots/Three-reel slots

This is the easiest and simplest of all slot types. It is recommended for new players because of its simplicity and it is also really fun to play. The machine is designed in such a way that the lever on it must be pulled before it makes a spin. Its rules are pretty straightforward and new players can easily figure out how to win good prizes.

Mobile slots

Bitcoin slots online are so developed that gamblers can now bet on their mobile devices and have the same experience as they do with their computers and laptops. They are slots that are designed precisely to be played on mobile devices. This type of slot allows bettors to enjoy their best-loved online slot machines and bet on their favorite games.

Progressive slot

This is another popular type of slot. It is also known as Progressive Jackpot Slots. For players to be qualified to play this type of slot, they are required to have a higher investment than when playing the regular slot machine. Part of the player’s bet goes into contributing to the Progressive Jackpot whenever they make the maximum wager. Operators have markers that indicate the number of progressive slots that they have collected with their progressive slots. The only setback that comes with this type of slot game is that players are required to play with the maximum wager.

3D slots

3D slots are all types of online slots that use three-dimensional figures within them. They are mostly used in popular movies and video games. Bettors enjoy a mesmerizing state of play that is designed for them. They are simple and easy to use just like most types of online slots.

Video slots

This is a type of slot that is made up of a wide range of games that provides players with distinct characters as part of gameplay. They offer several bonuses while playing such as free spins and bonus games that can help players get extra winnings.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Slots

In the world of today, there is a rapid increase in the number of gambling sites and most of them welcome the idea of cryptocurrencies as an alternative method of deposit or withdrawal. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have their special features and advantages which they offer on gambling platforms. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits and challenges Bitcoin slots have.

Pros of Bitcoin slots USA

Gamble Anonymously

This feature helps protect users’ identities since no private data is attached to their Bitcoin Wallet. No other party is given access to know what the user purchased and when they purchased it. This is a feature that bettors enjoy to keep their identity to themselves.

Instant deposit and withdrawal

Bitcoin slots provide instantaneous deposit and withdrawal methods. As we all hate to wait too long for confirmation to be able to play after making a transaction, bitcoin slots have been able to help users to break the barrier of waiting too long.

Huge wins from progressive slots

The progressive slots give bettors higher payouts than slot types with regular games. This occurs because games offer players different jackpots, ranging from the highest jackpots to lower jackpots in one game.

No limits on deposits

Luckily, there is no limit to how much funds bettors can deposit into their wallets. Most bitcoin slots do not state the least and maximum amount of funds bettors can deposit, allowing them to stake at their own convenience and according to the size of their bankroll.

Cons of Bitcoin Slots USA

Bettors can lose a lot of money if their gambling is not controlled

This has been one of the major disadvantages of bitcoin slots because it has caused a huge number of bettors to lose all they once had because there is no regulation on the number of times bettors can place their bets. About $235 billion was lost to gambling in the world due to this reason.

Crypto price volatility

The bitcoin market relies on different factors and can change swiftly within a short period. Players who do not take time to understand the flow of the market might end up receiving less and spending more when converting from fiat currency into Bitcoin.

Bitcoin slot sites are largely unregulated

There are Bitcoin slots that are not under the regulations of any authority. If bettors unknowingly fall into the hands of such sportsbooks, they would be ripped off their funds.


Where can I play Bitcoin Slots?

Most reputable casinos now accept Bitcoin and some also reward bettors with bitcoin-specific bonuses. Bitcoin casinos have helped customers steer clear of harsh rules that govern traditional casinos. There are many Bitcoin slot platforms bettors can choose from when betting with Bitcoin. They can identify what is most important to them on a betting site.

Do all casinos accept Bitcoin?

Not all casino betting sites allow bettors to make payments with Bitcoin. Nevertheless, some reputable casino sites now allow withdrawal and deposits in Bitcoin and some other popular cryptocurrencies.

Can I play Bitcoin Slots on my mobile device?

Yes. Mobility is one of the many advantages of playing online Bitcoin slots as bettors are not restricted and can play from anywhere.

Are Bitcoins safe?

Bitcoins are safe when making payments on online casino betting sites. They are completely anonymous and do not require any third party during the transaction. Deposit and withdrawal are easy and instantaneous and do not require you to forever for verification of payment or withdrawal.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

Bitcoin Wallet is a virtual wallet where Bitcoins are stored. The Bitcoin wallet helps the user to provide ownership and takes care of transactions, deposits, and withdrawals. Mainly, there are four types of Bitcoin Wallets and they are desktop wallet, mobile wallet, web wallet, and hardware wallet.

Is it better to bet max on slot machines?

Unfortunately, no! It is not a wise move to place maximum bets on wagers. Although the winning ratio increases as the bets increase, bettors should bear in mind that “the higher the bet, the higher the risks”.